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Bring bold systems-change innovations to life through partnership with social change pioneers



Do your top grantees have big ideas with systems-change potential—that are stalled because their organizations don’t have the bandwidth to move them?

  • Provide top grantees the strategic capacity to launch their initiatives

  • Develop a learning cohort that pairs some of your field’s most promising younger leaders—especially Black and Latino CEOs—with accomplished field veterans

  • Surface and scale initiatives with sector-shifting potential


Systemic Gap:

While CEOs typically use unrestricted capital to fund new initiatives, Black-led nonprofits have 76% less unrestricted capital than their white counterparts.


Investment: Provide Black and Latino-led nonprofits the implementation capacity they need to make strategic moves that advance their impact goals in the immediate-term and position them to access more capital and new networks longer-term. 

Challenge Today
Take Action:
Advance Equity: 
What We Do:
What Grove Brings:
  • Experienced CEOs who have run similarly sophisticated organizations and tackled related challenges

  • Speed and agility to move solutions with tailwinds when the timing is right

  • Proximity-led design to develop the innovation anchored to voices of people who will use and benefit from the solution

  • Solution validation through research and Proof of Concept field testing

  • Black and Latino senior leadership who bring insight, spot opportunities, and access networks

  • Capacity building that equips your team to produce results long-term

Initiative Examples:

  • Help a highly evaluated innovator scale program impact with technology

  • Design approach for adoption across public systems

  • Test a new scale channel for a promising model

  • Design and raise a field-shaping investment fund

  • Help a place-based provider align local actors to execute a city-wide system

  • Design and pilot a novel application of federal funding

  • Build the capacity of Black and brown entrepreneurs and civic leaders working cross-sector

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