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Bring your bold systems-change innovations to life through partnership with social change pioneers. Strategic insights can transform your organizations and fields, but only when moved from idea to action.
What We Do:
What Grove Brings:
  • Experienced CEOs who have run similarly sophisticated organizations and tackled related challenges

  • Speed and agility to move solutions with tailwinds when the timing is right

  • Proximity-led design to develop the innovation anchored to voices of people who will use and benefit from the solution

  • Solution validation through research and Proof of Concept field testing

  • Capacity building that equips your team to produce results long-term

Initiative Examples:
  • Sales: Test a new customer channel

  • Fundraising: Raise and launch a field-defining fund

  • Programmatic: Scale program impact with technology

  • Strategy: Design approach for adoption across public systems

  • Operational: Bring-on immediate leadership capacity

  • Strategic Partnership: Explore alliance, mergers and acquisitions opportunities

  • Field level: Align leading field actors around a systems-change strategy


Is your innovation fueled by for-profit capital? Grove’s for-profit division, Grove Social Impact Partners LLC can provide expertise and services to help you leverage market forces to drive social impact.

Interested in learning more? Reach us at

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